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Right of Way for the Pedestrians

More than 100000 pedestrians are killed every year because of the collision with cars on the road. it can either be the negligence of the pedestrian or the motorist, but the consequences are always severe. This has raised a topic of discussion as to whether the pedestrians have their right of way. As a pedestrian, you do not want to get involved in such accidents and you will ensure that you consider the rules of the pedestrian’s right of way. You need to click here on this homepage when you are not sure of where to start. You want to learn more on the pedestrian’s right of way, so you will want to read more on the things explained in this article.

The traffic light is one of the things that will allow you as the pedestrian to have the right of way. When you come at the intersection with the traffic light, you will be allowed to cross the road when it signals you to. The concept is the same to that of the drivers, in which the green light indicates that they should drive on. Things can be complicated for the pedestrian when the driver wants to turn right on the red light. The process should proceed as follows; when you want to cross the road and the driver intend to make a right turn on the red light. First, the motorist should stop as indicated by the red light. The motorist can continue to yield when you cross the road. It will be after you have crossed the road that the motorist is allowed to make the right turn. Most of the pedestrians find it hard to make a decision and end up making the wrong decision when they are found in such situations. Therefore before you cross the road on a person that is attempting to make a right turn, you will ensure that the motorist is continuing to yield.

It can be an intersection so you need to cross but there are no road enforcement. It will even be worse when the motorist is intending to make a right turn in the intersection. In such areas, you will not have to look for a crosswalk to cross the road. As a pedestrian, when you cross the road, you will ensure that the motorist has come to a halt. The motorist will also be on the lookout when you have initiated the crossing. This can be a residential area with children around and you know how they are playful, so the motorist should be on the lookout. The motorist should have stopped so that you as the pedestrian cross the road.

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