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How to Safely Travel with Your Dog in the Car

Making a road trip with your dog can be fun and exciting. However, this can raise a safety concern because of several risks this poses to you, your dog, and other road users. This is because if the dog is not properly secured when traveling it can cause distractions leading to accidents. It is also worth noting that there rules in several states that regulate pet traveling in a car and if violated you can be charged. Depending on the state police can pull you over and charge you in case they establish you are improperly traveling with your pet in the car. Pet traveling regulation rules are meant to prevent distracted driving accidents. These regulations are under the distracted driving law and charges vary from one state to the other. Therefore, taking basic precautions can help keep you and your dog safe and out of the wrong side of the law. This article outlines some tips you can use to safely travel with your dog and enjoy the road trip together.

One way to ensure a safe road trip with your dog is by securing him on a travel-rated crate. Choose the ideal crate size for your dog to avoid distractions when you are driving. This is important because some dogs are very energetic, curious, and want to play all the time which can be dangerous when you are driving. Therefore, secure the crate at the rear seat of the cargo area in case you are using an SUV. The crate should have ample space that allows the dog to stand, turn around, or lie easily. Ensure that the crate is properly ventilated. Place some blankets or padding on the floor of the crate to make it comfortable for your dog. It is, however, important to first ascertain the dog will not eat them, otherwise, they are unnecessary.

The other way you can avoid distracted driving when traveling with your dog in the car is by securing him with a seat belt. Similar to humans, dogs need to buckle up when they are not confined in a crate. There are specific belts designed for dogs, or you can use a dog car harness to safely secure him on the seat. The good thing with using a dog belt is that it firmly but comfortably restrain the dog on the seat and keep him safe in case of an accident.

Traveling with a dog in a car is almost the same as traveling with kids. The dog needs constant attention, snacks, and intermittent breaks especially when you are embarked on a long trip. The breaks are used to hydrate, snacks, and let the dog pee. You need to recognize that meals are a perfect way of distracting an overexcited dog in the car. The constant breaks are also vital because the dog can relieve itself, this can be done after a few hours of driving, otherwise, the dog will not settle down until you make a stop, or it will help itself inside the car. Those are some ways you can safely travel with your dog in a car.

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