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The Best Restaurants in Low Angeles

Low Angeles hosts up-to tens of millions of tourists per year. It is the food, culture, tradition, and celebrities that attract a majority of the tourists. As a person who stays in LA or a tourist on vacation, there are some restaurants you cannot afford to leave Los Angeles without visiting. This page looks to give you more info about some of the best eateries in Los Angeles.

On top of the list is the Nobu found in Malibu. It is the right place to enjoy something fancy and celebrate a special occasion. It is a high-end chain founded by Nobuyuki Matsuhisa and Robert De Niro almost twenty years ago. Although there are multiple Nobu restaurants all over the world, this one does not compare to the rest due to it’s Malibu location. Die to its popularity, it is advisable that you make a reservation. If you pick Al fresco from the menu, it would be wise to match it with a table on the patio to enjoy the oceanic view.

Pink’s hotdogs take the second place. This is the one place that stocks both high-end menus and popular street food menus. It has been in the industry for a very long time since it’s established in.1939. From chilli dogs to Guadalajara dogs to New York dogs, the hotdog stand has got them all. I’d you choose not to have a hotdog, you could enjoy alternatives such as burgers, specials, Philly Cheesesteak dogs and many others. For a person working with a squeezed budget, Pink’s hotdogs offer you an opportunity to enjoy Los Angeles staple.

Boos Philly Cheesesteaks and hoagies is one of the other few restaurants recommended. If you crave the classic sandwich taste, look no further than this. The fact that there is a good Philly Cheesesteaks outlet in Los Angeles surprises many. It offers you the convenience of getting your Philly to fix anywhere since it is conveniently located in Ktown, Forum, and Silverlake. Their menu is not short of the classics with options such as Boo’s Original Steak with no cheese. You could also satisfy your taste buds with something cheesy which they never lack. They also serve hoagies like Italian, American, and Turkey.

Bestie comes fourth on our list of unique restaurants in Los Angeles. You can find it in downtown Los Angeles donning a hip underground style. You may judge it by the exterior look which is something close to an old warehouse, but you will be surprised by the rich culinary adventure you get on the inside. The environment of a refurbished warehouse makes a great atmosphere for you to enjoy some of the Italian dishes. Although they drew inspiration from travelling across the globe, both owners are residents of Los Angeles.

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