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Variety of Low Carb Meals Prepared for a Family

Molecules that contain the hydrogen, carbon and oxygen atoms are carbs. The body uses carbs to produce energy. Excess carbs in the body are usually stored as fats. This is one of the reason why people gain weight. In order to avoid weight gain, individual are now reducing the carb portions in their meals. To reduce carb intake, an individual can also intake low carb meals. An individual will live a healthy life by doing this. The low carb meals will help individuals to lose weight and stay healthy. The body will be greatly impacted by eliminating carbs. It is beneficial to have a low carb meal than no car at all. There are several types of low carb meals that can be prepared. Read for more information here.

One of the low carb meals include the vegetable and eggs fried in coconut oil. A family can enjoy this meal for breakfast. It has a protein and vegetable that is good to keep an individual for some hours Coconut oil, eggs, vegetable mix and spices are the ingredients that are required for this meal. The first thing to do to cook the meal is to preheat the frying pan and add in the coconut oil. The vegetable mix should be allowed to soften in the heat after it is added in the hot oil. Later add the beaten eggs, a quantity that depends on the number of family. The spies selected should be added and the food stirred till ready. This is a simple and quick meal to prepare in the morning for breakfast.

A low carb meal that has chicken in it is the vegetable and pesto chicken. This can be prepared for the family dinner or lunch. Preparing this meal will take a few minutes. The sun dried tomatoes, chicken thighs, olive oil, basil pesto, cherry tomatoes and asparagus. The sun dried tomatoes is cooked with the chicken thighs. The rest of the sun dried tomatoes is used to cook the asparagus. After a while the chicken, asparagus and the pesto are mixed together. When ready, use the cherry potatoes and mix them together.

A bacon and egg breakfast is also a good low carb meal. Bacon is a low carb though it is meat that is processed. In case an individual is aiming to lose weight, they should not often eat the bacon. The three ingredients required to prepare this meal are eggs, spices and bacon. Frying the bacon on a frying pan is the first step of preparing the meal. the bacon should be removed from the frying pan once it is well cooked. Fry the eggs using the fat from the bacon. the next step is to add the desired spices in the eggs while its cooking. The delicious low carb meal is then served to be enjoyed by the family.