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Being creative has nothing to do with age because we have seen very little kinds coming up with great innovations that have enabled them to get sponsorship to run their businesses in various parts of the world with most of them owning their own companies. A successful mind has nothing to do with age, and now many people are aware as they can see great innovations and companies owned by kids. The list of kids below demonstrates that anyone can make a change only if given a chance to create an idea and make it a reality.

The kid president has made it out just by implementing his ideas though not business oriented, he has shown a lot that can be copied from him. This young kid invested in creating videos on YouTube where people can view them and get charged. The boy was encouraged by his family in terms of ideas and the required expenses and this is a post from Only Top Reviews.

According to Noa Mintz an idea can come from a need because you see a need and find the possible solutions to that problem because out of the need of nannies she saw in New York City where she is living. After seeing how her parents were suffering, she decided to help them as small as she was and in the process, a company emerged that was Centered at the child care in New York and its surrounding.

Robert Nay saw an opportunity because there were few games app and therefore he came up with a bubble ball which attracted many people as within one week millions of people had played that game. He was able to write 24 levels and all that including learning and writing the codes in one month which is absolutely amazing. Since most of these things were not taught in school, Robert conducted research to obtain these codes.

It is very painful to see someone suffering, and you can do nothing about it, but for Lily, she decided to make a lighter cup from plastic that her grandfather could hold. Now she owns a company that kangaroo cup which was made out of a suffering grandfather is the main product.

Mikaila Ulmer realized that bees could become distinct and decided to make their food by adding local honey to her grandmother’s flaxseed lemonade recipe and presented it to the Shark Tank who financed her and when her company picked up she was able to earn a lot of money.

It is very wise for such a little girl to create zillipops in an attempt to prevent health problems caused by sweets, so she made zillipops from flavored fruit juice. It is well shown above that you can develop great ideas at a young age and get sponsorship.

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