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Understanding Gorilla Glue Strain Better

Marijuana comes in different strains. One of the more popular strains that comes with it is the gorilla glue strain. If you look at the current marijuana market, you will come to learn that this particular strain is growing in demand. There are a lot of reasons why gorilla glue has become popular. The potency of this strain is one of the reasons why it is popular. Another reason for its popularity is its capacity to bred with high quality. Simply put, you get value for your money when you go with this gorilla glue strain.

Though people are aware that indeed gorilla glue strain is popular, they are not so sure why this is so and what really is the fuss all about. Understanding gorilla glue strain better should not be a problem if you check this site.

So, what is this gorilla glue strain all about? It was in the year 2012 hat this Indica-dominant strain was developed. It was only after experimenting with different well-known strains in the market like Sour Dubb, Chem Sister, and Chocolate Diesel that this particular strain has existed. The best traits offered by these three strains have successfully been cross-bred into this particular plant. The end result is a hybrid strain named gorilla glue strain that is popular for its quality and potency.

For marijuana experts and seasoned users, knowing the difference between Sativa and Indica cannabis plants is already something that comes naturally to them. For the Sativa cannabis plant, what you get is a stimulating effect that makes you more motivated and energized. With Indica cannabis plants, however, a sedative effect is created that makes a person want to rest, sleep, and relax.

Though you can find both Sativa and Indica in the gorilla glue strain, it is more leaning towards the effects of Indica. When you talk about the exact numbers, you get Sativa in the gorilla glue strain between 21 and 42 percent. On the other hand, gorilla glue strain has an Indica strength of between 58 and 79 percent.

When it comes to gorilla glue, you can choose from three kinds. You have the original glue, the sister glue, and the new glue. All these three still come from similar strains that are mentioned only that their ratios are not the same.

The three strains that are present across gorilla glue variants offer you strong psychoactive effects and excellent quality. With the use of gorilla glue strain, you can get an intense high. Having high levels of THC is one of the reasons why this is so.

There are increased psychoactive effects from the plant when there is more THC present. Thus, for the most potent Indica effects, you have to choose gorilla glue above other products.

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