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Procedures to Follow When You Have a Broken Tooth

You can be a relaxed person until you break one of your teeth. Panicking is the first thing that you should avoid and give yourself an attempt to calm down despite knowing that that is a part of you that you will not restructure on your own. The good news is that you can have it fixed and you will restore your smile. You can get embarrassed for a while because the situation might be somewhat scary but do not have any fear because the moment you contact your dentist, he or she will help you to get back your tooth in its initial position. When the tooth gets entirely removed with all the components including the roots, it is essential to call for the help of an emergency doctor.

When you want to increase the probability of fixation of the tooth, you need to make it quick so that the emergency doctor can help you as soon as possible. The first aid skills for a broken tooth become necessary in such a case. The following are some of the procedures that you need to take into account when you have a person who gets their tooth broken. The first step that you should take in that case is to warm a cup of water and use it for rinsing the mouth. Addition of some salt to the water will help to clean the affected area so that you can have a better view of the mess.

When you have blood coming from the wound, you have to apply pressure so that it can end the bleeding. You have to repeatedly change the gauze or tea bag that you are using to block the blood from coming out until the process becomes successful in completing this side of your misery. The pain relievers that you will get over the counter can be very helpful in your situation because after taking them; you will feel relieved. The nervous system of your teeth will be the root cause of your problems, in this case, depending on the degree of damage. When you hurt your body, it is more likely to swell, and you have to avoid that by using ice cubes in a dish or towel and holding it against that area.

It is prudent to keep off from hot and cold meals when you have broken a tooth. The human nerves have a very high sensitivity to extremely high and low temperatures and exposed to any of them will only intensify the pain. The fact that you manage to stop the bleeding, pain and swelling means that you can now wait to for the help of a dentist who will take care of the rest. When there is no emergency dentist to call, you need to purchase dental cement from a drug store and use it.

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