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A Guide to Concealing Your Face.

No matter how strictly you adhere to a face routine, the unexpected can happen and leave your face with breakouts. These big red spots will have your stomach churning by the second as you stare at them. They may take some time to disappear but a concealer will sort out your more immediate needs. What you should understand is that the concealer works only if you know the right process of applying it to cover the zit.

Whether you have one acne spot or several, it does not beat the fact that you will be stressed. Things will be much easier for you when you know just how to go about covering them. You need different types of techniques to cover the different kinds of pimples. Focus on having a clean but a dry face if you are dealing with whiteheads.

Do not try to cover the whiteheads with a liquidity consistency concealer because it will only make things worse. The best concealer in such a situation is one with a putty-like thickness. Make use of an eyeliner brush to do the work. The small size ensures the work is done to perfection. Once you have applied the concealer, go in with a fluffy brush to apply a powder foundation.

Whiteheads should not be covered with a translucent powder. A lot of people get blackheads and these can be difficult to cover. They will not just go away with a single layer of concealer. You have to do several layers. Get a liquid foundation or one with a creamy consistency.

Apply the concealer in a patting manner. If you feel you need more concealer, use an eyeliner brush in applying it. Another problem you can solve using a concealer is extreme redness. People with light skin color get red pimples and concealing them can be an extreme sport. In such a case, you only have to get your hands on a green concealer.

Once the green concealer is done you should then go ahead to add a yellow concealer. You will get a more natural look after the second concealer. Avoid applying a lot of powder foundation. The areas suffering from inflammation will look even worse if you overdo the powder foundation. Apart from acne, another problem you may have is dry and flaky skin.

When it comes to dry skin which is flaking, one of the best solutions is to hydrate it. Wait for the moisturizer to seep into your skin and then use a warm and damp washcloth to soothe the zit. The flaky skin can be pulled out with a sterilized tweezer. Dipping the tweezers in alcohol will sterilize them enough.

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