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After How Motorcycle Accident Do The Following Things

When you own a motorcycle it is essential that you are prepared in the case where your motorcycle is involved in an accident. Motorcycle accidents are quite common and being able to know which steps you need to take is essential if you are in.

When you are in a motorcycle accident it is essential that you check if you are injured. When you get into an accident it is crucial that you call 911 immediately. The person who is responsible for the accident is not as important as asking for emergency help as soon as an accident occurs.

After you have called for emergency help and you are not injured it is imperative that you take photos of the scene. As you take photos of the accident scene to ensure that you do not cause any injury to yourself or damage to the other people. You can either use your camera or mobile phone to take photos of the scene and ensure that you take many photos from different angles. Take photos of your injuries if possible and the photos of the surrounding environment as they are going to be important.

It is important that you have the photos of the accident scene as they will be presented as evidence to ensure that you are compensated accordingly by the insurance.

Get the motorcycle off the road as soon as you have gotten enough photos to avoid causing any hazards to oncoming traffic.

Gather all information that is necessary to the case and the accident and make an official police report in case he had not called 911. Making an official police report is essential as you may have to prove details in of the accident especially during a compensation case. To understand the importance of filing an official police report after a motorcycle accident you can read more here.

Ensure you have them contact information of the witness at the accident scene as well as their names. Get the badge number of the police officer that make the report to and have all the information related to the vehicle that was involved in an accident as well. Get the police report number as well and contact your own insurance agent immediately. When asked who is responsible for the accident do not admit to any fault or say that it is anyone’s fault and when the insurance agent asks whether you are injured tell them that you need to visit a doctor to assess your condition.