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Learn About the Civil Rights of Children in public Schools

There are multiple examples of rights that every child is entitled to. The rights of these children are mandatory regardless of race, gender, nationality as well as disability. Some of the examples that children enjoy is that they have the right to a safe environment, nutrition, healthcare as well as education. It is worth noting that in most cases, there are is little differences between the rights that are given to children as those that are given to adults. It is worth noting that there are points of indifference between the right that is granted to children with regard to education and the right granted to adults with regard to education. It is worth noting most of the education policies are decided by the state and local governments. This article will detail on some of the rights that all public school going children should enjoy and get more info.

Free education is one of the examples of those rights that every public school going children ought to enjoy. It is worth noting that though the education is free there are some things that one will have to pay for. Though the education is required to be free, a guardian with a child in public school may be required to pay for lunch, athletic equipment as well as for a field trip. Protection from discrimination is one of the other rights that should be enjoyed by school going children This means that the gender of the child, the sexual orientation of the child as well as the financial status of the child should not be used to discriminate them.

Safety is one of the other rights that every child ought to enjoy. There are several things that may affect the safety of the child such as bullying as well as harassing on the basis of race or national origin. Compensation ought to be provided in case the rights of your child are tampered upon as a result of negligence. Freedom of speech as well as religion is one of the other examples of rights that should be enjoyed by the school going child. It is worth noting that the meaning of freedom of speech is that one should be in a position to express themselves or to speak their minds. One of the ways through which the freedom of religion is expressed is that latitude of having to wear religious clothing.

One of the other rights that children in public schools ought to enjoy is that of protection of children with special needs. One of the other examples of the rights that every school going child should have been that they should have right to privacy. It is also the right of every immigrant to be entitled to free education.

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